Mondrian's Cat


The book
Mondrian's cat

‘Mondriaan’s Cat’ is a music theatre production for all ages, based on Coen Bouwstra’s picture book with the same name. Even more than the book, the performance is an exciting introduction to the life and work of Dutch artist Piet mondriaan.

After try-outs in the mondriaan House Museum in Amersfoort and Theatre Walhalla in Rotterdam - the theatre production has had its premiere at the Erasmus Huis in Jakarta in October 2017. In 2018, 'Mondrian's Cat' - each time with a local narrator - will go on tour, possibly including China.

With a Chinese storyteller, songs from singer-songwriter Harm Goslink and the original cardboard models, 'Mondrian's Cat' takes the audience on a journey through the world of mondriaan, from the Netherlands to Paris and New York, until his masterpiece Victory Boogie Woogie. A special role has been given to the cat that accompanies him on his travels.

Coen Bouwstra succeeds in bringing Mondrian's story to life with painted papers and cardboard decors and figures, making it accessible to all. Harm Goslink wrote a number of new songs for the performance. He also brings with him some self-built musical instruments, all made in the style of De Stijl!

'Mondrian's Cat' – directed by Jaap Rovers and produced by Quinten Peelen - has been put together especially for the Erasmus Huis as part of the 100th anniversary of the Dutch artistic movement “De Stijl”. Every performance is tailor-made. After every show a special workshop for children can take place.

Mondrian's cat, line-up:

Coen Bouwstra – models & camera work
Harm Goslink – music & instruments
Jaap Rovers – director
Quinten Peelen – concept & production
Storytelling is each time done by a local narrator